Urgent Need - Mexican Border Auction Rescue

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  Two of our volunteers, Jim and Laura, traveled into Mexico to learn first hand the realities of the horrors that face horses every day in Mexico.  The slaughter houses in Mexico are paying $500 per horse. They traveled to Mexico in the hope of saving horses directly from the slaughterhouse, but unfortunately, the slaughterhouse refused to sell any to them.

   Coming back into the United States, they attended an auction near the US border along the route to El Paso. They were able to buy a Jenny donkey with her 1 month old colt and a kids camp horse who was dumped into the slaughter pipeline after he was no longer needed. 

   As you can imagine, the costs incurred in rescuing these three is a bit higher compared to normal auction rescues with quarantine, coggins, paperwork, and the long transport.  This is the first time we have rescued from the slaughter pipeline near the Mexico border, and we hope to save more lives from the border soon.  Please help us, donate now.

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