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Monetary Donation:  Monetary donations are the single most important donation you can make.  Each gift of $5, $10, $50, $100 or $1,000 makes our compassionate work possible. Each month we rely on donations from people just like you to provide top quality care for the hundreds of horses and other animals that come through our shelter each year.  Your generous monetary donation will be put to immediate use saving lives, sheltering and providing the much needed medical care for the animals in our care.  To donate directly using your Paypal account, please click here or log into your Paypal account and send your donation to:  To donate using your credit card, please fill out the form below.

Horse Plus Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, tax id #20-1156396.

Monthly Sponsor:  Show your love of animals automatically each and every month.  When you become a monthly sponsor, you are stepping up and saying "Yes, I want to be a reliable supporter, you can count on me every month."  Your support of even $5 a month makes a huge difference.  To begin your monthly sponsor, click on the amount you wish to donate monthly below.

$5.00 $10.00 $15.00 $20.00 $25.00
$30.00 $35.00 $40.00 $45.00 $50.00
$55.00 $60.00 $65.00 $70.00 $75.00
$80.00 $85.00 $90.00 $95.00 $100.00
$250.00 $500.00 $1,000.00 $2,500.00 $5,000.00


Item Donation:  Thank you for considering donating a useful item or items to the shelter.  Whether it is horse tack, feed, hoses, wormers, or whatever it is you would like to donate, please contact us to make arrangements for your item donation.  We have a constant need of hay and other quality horse feed.

Volunteering: Thank you for your interest in volunteering.  Please contact us for information on our volunteering opportunities at our shelter. We would like to encourage anyone who wants to stand up and join the fight against horse and other farm animal abuse to attend your local auction as a humane observer and document any abuse you may see. If you can get video of the abuse, please upload it to Youtube and send us the link. 


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