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June Free Euthanasia Clinic

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More About the Euthanasia Clinic -
  Euthanasia Clinic Fund - This fund provides owners of horses that need to be allowed to pass on gently, with love and compassion, the opportunity to give their beloved equine pet the ultimate last gift of kindness: a peaceful death. Each month we hold a free euthanasia clinic for horses. Each horse that is brought to the clinic is evaluated by our staff and veterinarian for its condition of life and adoptability. If the equine has a good quality of life and is adoptable, we bring it into our rescue organization. This program keeps each of these animals from being sent through an auction, sent to slaughter, etc.

We would like to share the following video with you, it shows how truly peaceful humane euthanasia really is. It is a far better way to pass on than the horrific transportation and slaughter.

  Sugar was brought to our euthanasia clinic, blind and frightened. After evaluation by our veterinarian and staff for quality of life, she was humanely euthanized by our vet. She was sedated and then given the euthanasia solution. She fell asleep very peacefully.

  We produced this video in hopes of educating people that euthanizing is truly a peaceful ending, and that when the time comes, please make the right choice and have your beloved horse friend euthanized by a licensed vet instead of letting them suffer a lingering death, or even worse, sending them on to slaughter or dumping them at a livestock auction.

  Please note: the video is not graphic in any way, she merely lays down peacefully. We have a lot of people ask us what it is like when a horse is euthanized. This video shows how truly peaceful it is, and how the horses pass away with love and dignity. This video is for educational purposes only.

  Euthanasia means "good death" peaceful and calm. Sadly to say there are hundreds of horses suffering a horrible death in slaughter houses every day. Every 5 minutes an American horse is slaughtered. In Northern California around 400 horses are shipped out to slaughter every month. The economy is literally killing horses in droves. People are having a very hard time feeding their horses with the high price of hay and feed. We get calls almost on a daily basis, "I can't afford to care for my horse, what do I do?" We try our best to help out, but with these hard times it is impossible to take in every horse we get a call about. What happens to those horses? Neglect? Abandonment? Abuse? Starvation? Slaughter?

  It is hard times for most people but the killer buyers are having a economic boom.

  It used to be that killer buyers would be happy with any horse they could get their hands on, as long as it was not too skinny. Now the killers are able to pick and chose what horses will make them more money from the meat on their bones. Too thin, let it go, they like the fat ones.

 sad horse Hundreds of horses are being sent to auctions as a last resort after their owner try to give them away. For example, let's say there is a horse named Old Nelly. She was the family's long time pet, all the kids had learn to ride on her, sadly now they no longer have any money to feed her. The family starting looking for options for Old Nelly. First they place an add to try and sell her, that does not work. Then they call a rescue with high hopes that they will take Old Nelly in, they hear the words "I'm so sorry, we get calls like this all the time and we do not have any room for Old Nelly, Sorry." They call rescue after rescue and get the same response. After a long take they call a vet to find out about putting Old Nelly time sleep, the vet says "That is going to cost about $250-$500" sadly they say "Ok thank you". They do not have the extra money, they might be losing their home soon and cannot spare $250-$500. Then they call an auction, "How much does it cost sell a horse at our auction?" "That will be $75.00, tell me about your horse." "Well, she is sweet, loves kids, about 19 years old, she does have some lameness...." "Is she fat or skinny?" "Oh we have taken really good care of her, she is in good condition." "Good, sound like she would sell for more then $75.00, bring her to the next auction." They get off the phone relieved that they have somewhere to take Old Nelly. Then someone tells them about horse slaughter and that killer buyers go to auctions. The day of the auction they load up Old Nelly in the trailer, heart sick about the killer buyers and hope that someone else will buy her. They say good-bye to Old Nelly and drive away. Sadly Old Nelly was bought by a killer buyer and a few brutal days later Old Nelly was killed in a Mexican slaughter house. There are hundreds of horses just like Old Nelly who are brutally killed because the owners felt they had no other way out.

  All this brutal killing of horses must stop!

  At the clinic people can bring their horses to our shelter and have the horses humanely euthanized. With your help we cover all the cost of Euthanasia and disposal for hardships cases.

  It takes $150 in donations to provide this service per horse and keep them out of the slaughterhouse.   Won't you sponsor a peaceful ending for a horse today?

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