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  We need your help!  This month our Tennessee shelter is planning an auction rescue to rescue horses from being purchased by kill buyers and shipped to slaughter.  Shipping horses to slaughter is legal in TN, and every auction has multiple kill buyers bidding on every horse that slips into their price range.  There are huge trailers and semi trucks waiting to load up the unfortunate horses who were not rescued.

   With your help, we can save some of the horses from that horrible fate.  Kill buyers are paying up to $450 for average size horses.  We desperately need your financial help to pull precious horses out of the slaughter pipeline, rescuing, sheltering, caring, and adopting into loving homes.  We can only do it with your help, won't you be a horse's hero?  For more information about our Auction Rescue program, click here.


Many thanks to everyone who donates and helps! 9115 @ 7:42

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